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Short fiber flax

Flax fiber is used in several industrial sectors according to its size and characteristics. Flax is well known in the textile industry, but its short fibers, also called tow, are used in several industries. Beyond the textile industry, short flax fibers are also used in the paper industry, in construction and in the manufacture of certain composite materials.

In the textile industry, although the fibers are short, linen retains its characteristics, it repels dust because the structure of the fiber prevents bacteria and dust from clinging to it. Linen fabric is pleasant inside and outside, it adapts to the temperature, it is a thermoregulator. In summer, linen is breathable, brings coolness and can absorb up to 20% of humidity. Linen fiber is a renewable and biodegradable fiber, which attracts people who are interested in organic products and branding.

Short fiber is also used in home furnishings such as window frames, insulation panels, and flooring underlayment.

This short fiber is also used in stationery for fine papers such as cigarette paper and to print the Bible. In art stationery for paintings, linen tow is also present.

Composite materials are one of the derivatives of the short flax fiber. Its use is nowadays very frequent in the industrial sectors, especially those of sport and leisure (bicycles, tennis rackets, surfboards, etc.).

The short fibers are transformed into nonwovens, and are used to make strong ropes, and interior linings for cars. Flax-base Materials are inexpressive and lightweight.

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