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Delivering flax everywhere

Retted flax, long fibers

  • Nm15 up to Nm 42

  • Rate of waste low up to high

  • Resistance low to high

  • Certificate of traceability


Retted flax, short fibers

  • Rate of waste low up to high

  • Retting low up to excellent

  • Certificate of traceability



  • Origine depending on request


Our services

Notre expertise

Digital and performance

We provide digital tools such as numerisation of shipment documents, results of quality control, traceability and online follow up of your shipments.


In partnership with the main producers of flax in France, we select the raw material depending on your specifications.

We organize a quality control before each shipment.

Risks, financing and law

Based on agreements with our financial partners, we are able to provide a financing and a guarantee for your deliveries. 

Our compliance insurance protect yourself for each shipment.


We manage delivery of your shipment in the whole worlds, depending on your specifications.

We manage customs for yourself and take care of quality and traceability of your raw material until the endpoint delivery.

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