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Flax fiber

Derived from a plant belonging to the Linaceae family, flax fiber is one of the most eco-friendly natural plant fibers.

Flax stems are biodegradable and require minimal water for their growth. They also do not need fertilizers.

Flax fiber originates from the flax plant, primarily cultivated in France, which accounts for approximately 80% of European production.

The size and quality of this fiber vary depending on its processing. It possesses unique properties, including good strength, renewability, and natural composition, which contribute to its positive image in various applications.

Among the products associated with flax, the following can be mentioned:

- Long fibers primarily used in the textile industry to produce linen yarn and fabric.

- Tow or short fibers used for manufacturing cigarette paper, stationery, composite materials, and home insulation.

- Flaxseeds, consumed by humans and animals. They are also used to produce oils and cosmetic products.

- Flax shives, commonly used as horse bedding and also utilized as a fuel source for heating and as a coating for buildings.

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