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The industry of flax

Flax is one of the most famous part of French industry. This plant is mainly cultivated in Normandy, Nord-Pas-de-Calais and Picarde (in the north-west of France). France is the first worldwide procuder of flax with almost 8000 producing farmers.

The plant growths during 100 days between March and July of each year, up to a length of 1,20 meters.

The flower of flax is visible only few days in June.

In August and as the plant is ready, the retting can start on the ground before collecting the flax.

The know-how about managing the growth of flax and the very particular weather conditions in the north of France explain why flax is in the best conditions of production there. The famous French terroir is worldwide recognized.

The flax fiber is used by several markets.

First of all, it is used to produce linen yarn and, in the end, linen clothes.

In parallel, flax is used to produce paper, composite material and a lot of other natural based products.

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